Employee Training and Development

Employee Training and Development

Your employees are an essential element to the success of your organization. Without employee buy-in and capability, you won’t achieve your objectives. Capability Connections offers training programs to engage and empower your employees to meet the demands of your market.

Training and Development Assessments

In order to help you assess the specific employee training needs of your organization, Capability Connections uses the following assessment tools:

  • CultureBrand™ Cultural Assessment to identify employee culture and effective delivery methods.
  • Mind the Gap Assess™ to identify performance shortfalls, discuss strategy and its impact on target group, discuss performance requirement of target group, and current and future challenges and obstacles, current skills of target group, future directions and strategies.
  • Data Augment™ to enrich existing data with focus groups, employee and leadership interviews, targeted surveys.


Small teams or cultures where appropriate may benefit from our unique employee training and development coaching programs:

  • My Skills™ coaching program added to employee-wide training and development programs.
  • Capability Companion Coaching: a peer-to-peer coaching program that is customized for specific departments and competency levels.


Larger organizations with a variety of departments will benefit from our consulting package that offers:

  • Position Specific training and development programs  i.e. Training Matrixes
  • Career Management program development  programs
  • CultureBrand™ culturally aligned  on-boarding training
  • Performance management and mentoring coaching assistance

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Employee Training and Development Courses

Distilling over 40 years of corporate training and development experience, we are a leading provider of custom employee and culture training. Our most popular courses are:

Dealing with Difficult People 
Every manager hopes to hire employees who can build productive relationships with both coworkers and customers. But despite best efforts every team inevitably encounters interpersonal conflicts that slow performance. In this employee training and development course you will learn how to deal with difficult people whether they are a customer or client. Upon completion you will understand your behavioural style and how it works with others, learn to control your emotions, and develop constructive strategies that solve problems.
Resolving Conflict 
A key skill for any team member is effective conflict management. In this training and development course you will develop awareness of the factors that affect conflict resolution. You will become more aware of your own personal style and how you can effectively work with others whose style may be different from your own. You will also learn how to prevent and manage conflict and build relationships of trust and influence. You will learn to use communication and assertiveness skills in typical conflict situations that you experience on the job.
Increasing Personal Resilience in Stress 
The demands on each of us are increasing daily. We need to do more with less and deal with a wide array of increasingly demanding stakeholders. Has your performance suffered because of work and information overload? Have your relationships, and health suffered because of stress? When and how are you locked into unproductive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving? This course will help you respond to the challenges, identify weakening patterns that keep you from achieving personal satisfaction, and provide you with techniques to conquer mounting stress.
Leading High Results Meeting 
Are your meetings fun gatherings that get nothing done? Do you sometimes leave a meeting asking yourself  if anything useful will get done? Meeting management is a key leadership skill and core to achieving productivity, results and employee engagement. In this training and development course you will learn how to improve your handling of meetings so that they run more efficiently and how to motivate positive action and results. You will gain practical knowledge on all aspects of holding both formal and informal meetings. You will also receive useful tips to help you achieve the objective of any meeting you hold or attend.
Powerful Presentations 
No matter how great an idea or how innovative a project plan, it won’t stick if it isn’t pitched properly. In this course you will learn how to focus a presentation down to its most basic and stickiest points and to target the delivery to the intended audience for maximum effectiveness and results. You will also build confidence and develop an ability to deliver dynamically and move their audience to change perspectives and take positive action. This course includes how to maximize the effectiveness of audio visual techniques and avoid verbal and non-verbal detractors. This course can be delivered to teams who are required to deliver team presentations.
Critical Thinking 
The modern workplace is a jungle of priorities, decisions, and competing information. To be successful, employees need sharp critical thinking tools to deal with the complexity of relationships, work and project decision-making, and daily task prioritization. In this training and development course you will learn to identify and maximize your personal thinking style, question assumptions to solve key problems, understand and use a range of perspectives and use systematic methods to make decisions efficiently and effectively.
Writing Skills for Technical Professionals 
Producing clear, readable, and persuasive documents often represents a considerable challenge. Writing requirements are diverse and often complex, for a varied audience of stakeholder. The goal is communication that addresses stakeholder concerns effectively, using a positive tone. This training and development course will help you think through complex issues and hone your planning and writing skills for these very important tasks.
Business Writing for New Canadians 
Being able to write effectively can make the difference between business success or failure. English is a complex language even for native English speakers. The many idioms and exceptions to rules of structures in English present a special challenge even for the most accomplished of new Canadians. In this valuable training and development workshop you will review common expressions used in business language, review common grammar mistakes, and play a fun interactive game to practice what you have learned. You will write a business document and receive one-on-one feedback. The skills presented in this course will help you to write with the confidence that you are communicating clearly.
Writing Politically-Sensitive Documents 
Responding to politically sensitive issues represents a considerable writing challenge. Learning to conduct effective research and objectively synthesize the information into a clear and concise document that enables understanding and acceptance of a decision, policy, or strategy is the goal of this course.
Communication Fundamentals 
Communication skills are at the core of effective performance and leadership. How and what we say to others can impact their understanding of our expectations, ideas and needs. In this training and development course, you will learn effective methods for giving feedback to others to assertively communicate your point of view to others. You will also learn how to listen more effectively. This will provide the foundation for interpersonal effectiveness in complex communication situations where respect, flexibility and openness are required to influence and build rapport with others.
Building Relationships and Networks 
Building effective relationships with peers and key stakeholders is important to getting work done. It is particularly important during times of intense change. Your effectiveness depends on your ability to influence stakeholders in a variety of challenging settings and situations. In this training and development course you will learn how to build an effective network for influence, assess and increase your ability to apply power positively, and adapt your communication to meet the needs of a variety of audiences and stakeholders (internal and external) including suppliers, peers, and senior managers.
Success Skills for Administrative Professionals 
As an administrative assistant you are a key contributor to coordination and productivity on your team. You know this but others don’t always get it. In this course you will learn how to work as a business partner with your supervisor and anyone else who relies on your services. The course will help you increase your credibility, productivity and efficiency, and focus on getting through your workload. You will learn how to manage and lead interactions with others, negotiate appropriate work boundaries, prioritize, and deal with difficult people and situations.
Owning Your Own Career 
Satisfaction at work is important to happiness and well-being. In the complex workplace it is easy to feel that getting what you want from your job and career is too often a matter of luck. In this training and development course you will learn practical strategies to make the most of your current job in relation to satisfaction, opportunities and career growth. You will develop a personal vision of your performance and contribution in your present job, and of your career. You will develop the skills to plan, take action and assemble resources and support to enable success.
Time Management: Increasing Personal Productivity (1 day) 
Doing more with less is a requirement in today’s organizations. Meeting this demand can take a toll on your personal health and happiness and actually reduce your productivity. In this training and development course you will learn to increase both your efficiency and effectiveness. This will enable you to decrease your stress as well as increase your personal resilience. The result is an increase in your personal productivity and the achievement of your personal and career goals.
Making the Most of Change 
Change is happening all around us, at home and at work. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Just getting through it can seem like an impossible challenge. Change can also result in success and growth. This seminar will help you do more than just survive. It will help you understand and adapt to change initiated by others and build a plan for developing greater resilience to workplace pressures.