Change Management & Innovation

Change Management & Innovation

The number one issue facing organizations is change management: the workforce is changing, the market is changing, the game is changing. The great news is that every organization has the ability to embrace change and flourish in the future. Capability Connections can help you adapt to the changes facing your specific industry and organization and use your particular skills and culture to innovate effectively.


In order to help you assess the specific innovation and change  management needs of your organization, Capability Connections uses the following processes and tools:

  • CultureBrand™ Cultural Assessment
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Employee Engagement surveys, existing or new

Once we understand  your needs, Capability Connections has a variety of solutions  to assist your team.

Change Management Coaching & Consulting

When innovation and change needs require management level buy-in, we recommend our coaching package, which includes:

  • 1-to-1 coaching with management and leadership teams in culture development and change management  using CultureBrand™  tools.
  • 1-to1 coaching for Human Resources in modifying and developing systems that will fit your strategic  culture  requirements.

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Change Management Courses

Our recommended courses for innovation and change management equip your teams with game-changing skills to meet the challenges of the changing business environment .

Critical Thinking 
The modern workplace is a jungle of priorities, decisions, and competing information. To be successful, employees need sharp critical thinking tools to deal with the complexity of relationships, work and project decision-making, and daily task prioritization. In this Critical Thinking course your team will learn to identify and maximize their personal thinking styles, question assumptions to solve key problems, understand and use a range of perspectives, and use systematic methods to make decisions efficiently and effectively.
Creative Thinking 
The speed of change is accelerating at an almost exponential rate. It is no longer enough to logically evaluate market problems and business decisions, it is now critical that all team members contribute creative solutions to move an organization forward. The key is to think better, faster, and more creatively. In this course your team will develop their ability to craft innovative solutions through the use of a variety of thinking tools and methods while also learning how to stimulate the creative thinking of others.
Increasing Personal and Organizational Resilience 
The brightest team cannot create innovative solutions if it is dealing unsuccessfully with the daily stress from clients, coworkers, and even personal life. This change management course teaches your team contemporary theory, practical skills, and personal awareness to manage on-the-job and personal stress to maximize health, happiness, and most importantly – performance.
Systems Thinking 
Every organization navigates an array of complexities. Processes, programs, and project plans all require a delicate balance of down-to-the-detail and high-level, big picture thinking. In this change management course your team will master this balance using systems thinking to analyze and deal with complex and challenging issues. They will be able to identify ineffective patterns that are blocking the achievement of results, apply actions that leverage strengths, and enable taking action that creates lasting and positive change.
Strategic Thinking 
In order to truly innovate, outstanding organizations combine critical, creative, and systems thinking to accomplish strategic vision. In this change management course, your team will master the skills of strategic thinking using a range of proven thinking tools and practices. Upon completion they will be able to analyze the repeating patterns of effective and ineffective behavior and create system-wide innovation that creates management of change and breakthrough results.
Success Upfront: Skills for Front-line Leaders 
For an organization to be successful, excellent leadership is required at every level, not just the executive level. In Success Skills for Front-line Leaders your employees will learn how to handle change management as they apply their personal values, commitment and passion for taking responsibility, and delivering high quality results. Through collaborating with colleagues and management, taking responsibility for solving customer concerns, and developing and delivering a high quality of technical expertise to the work that they do, they deliver high quality results and company growth. Having the courage to speak out on issues that affect the quality of the work and results sparks innovation and change. In this change management course your team will develop these varied personal and professional skills necessary for effective leadership that delivers high quality results in every position.
Developing Your Unique CultureBrand™ Course 
An organization is more than the sum of its parts. It is more than approved processes, incentive and reward systems, or rules and regulations. An organization is its culture. Culture is how an organization interprets, uses, and relates to these building blocks. It is the heart and soul of an organization – its values, beliefs, expectations, rituals, commitment and attitudes of all who live and work in the organization. In this culture change management course you will learn how to identify the encompassing culture of your organization or team, maximize your assets and overcome your barriers. You will also recognize how the culture of your organization affects your ability to respond to change and attract and develop strategic leaders.
Change Management for Leaders 
Change is happening at an exponential rate in every organization. Some change is incremental and others exponential. Leaders with effective change management skills prepare for and adapt to change opportunities. Supervisors and managers play a key role both in determining the success of a change initiative and in helping team members through the transition. In this change management workshop front-line leaders will analyze their role at each stage of a change initiative. They will examine how people react to change and explore ways to maintain communication as well as rally and support team members during change.
Transformational Leadership 
Markets and industries are changing and becoming more nuanced and specific. It is important for sustainability to build leadership capacity at every level within your organization. In this change management course we use the Bowie Leadership System’s Sustainable Leadership Systems framework to help you build the capacity for leadership and change management. You will learn how to maximize the leadership of individuals at every level and develop the effectiveness of organizational systems. In this way you can expand the pool of those involved in the leadership process and continue to strengthen your organization at every level to enable change and growth.
Team Problem Solving 
The reason that we fail to solve these complex problems has little to do with being smart enough to deal with accelerating change. It has more to do with not being smart in a way that works when the degree of complexity is so high. Nothing that we have learned in the past has prepared us to deal with increasing complexity and the change that it creates. Unless we think and act differently especially in teams, we will continue to struggle with problems we cannot seem to solve. In this is working change management course participants are asked to bring situations that they want explored by a group and leave with a working solution to the opportunity or problem that didn’t seem to have an answer prior to the course.
Making the Most of Change 
Change is happening all around us, at home and at work. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and hopeless. Change management can result in success and growth. This seminar will help you do more than just survive. It will help you understand and adapt to change initiated by others and build a plan for developing greater resilience to workplace pressures.