Leadership Training

Leadership Training

The strength of an organization depends on its leadership training and development. The most successful organizations don’t find the leaders from outside, but grow and cultivate them from within. Capability Connections has proven methods to help you evaluate the state of your leadership pipeline. We, offer engaging coaching and consulting to the game-changers in your organization and deliver elite leadership development training programs.


In order to help you assess the specific leadership training needs of your organization, Capability Connections uses the following processes and  tools:

  • 20/20 Insight GOLD to identify and assess current leadership competencies.
  •  Capability Context Data ™ to review existing data including but not limited to turnover, employee engagement surveys, internal promotions vs external hires, cultural development assessments.
  • Data Augment™ to enrich existing data with focus groups, employee and leadership interviews, targeted surveys.
  • Strategic Business Analysis reviews what future customers will want/need, the future of existing and potential markets, overall organizational vitality to meet development needs.

Coaching & Consulting

Leadership training and development needs are exceptionally receptive to coaching and consulting programs. Our leadership development package includes:

  • 1-to-1 management skills coaching
  • Elite Executive Coaching
  • CultureBrand™ Leadership Coaching to develop a tailored leadership development program that matches your culture and your strategic needs.
  • Action Learning Programs  that incorporate peer coaching with leadership action projects.

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Leadership Training Courses

Our elite leadership training and development courses have helped countless companies train game-changing leadership teams and build a robust program to develop their leaders of tomorrow.

Transformational Leadership Training  
Markets and industries are changing and becoming more nuanced and specific. It is becoming a matter of organizational sustainability to build leadership capacity at every level within your organization. In this leadership training course we use the Bowie Leadership System’s Sustainable Leadership Systems framework to help you build your leadership capacity. You will learn how to maximize the leadership of individuals at every level and to develop the effectiveness of organizational systems. In this way you can expand the pool of those involved in the leadership training process and continue to strengthen your organization at every level enable change and growth.
High Performance Leadership Training  
Exceptional organizations are steered by high performance leaders with an impressive set of performance enhancing tools. Being able to maximize employee productivity is an ongoing leadership challenge. In this leadership training workshop, you will learn how to set the foundation for excellent performance and maintain it on an ongoing basis. You will learn the basics of effective hiring, leadership training, and reviewing performance. You will also learn how to engage and motivate quality performance and how do deal effectively with problem performance and difficult employees.
The Leadership Transition: From Doer to Leader  
Now, more than ever, organizations look to their leaders for remaining effective in today’s environment. Whether you have direct reports or not, other people look to you to clarify, organize, and build a framework for the meaning of their work. The extent to which others see you in this way makes you a leader. As a leader, your organization expects that you will help to bring out the best in others while achieving high levels of business results. However, if you were promoted into leadership because of your technical skills or abilities, or if others look to you because you are an expert, you may not be meeting these expectations. This leadership training workshop is specifically designed to help you identify those things you must let go of, as well as those things you must learn to develop, that will help you achieve leadership expectations. 
Performance Excellence for Front-line Leaders 
Clearly, the impact of good leadership can be felt by all staff and clients of an organization. As a manager or supervisor your role in the leadership of the company is significant. Throughout this leadership training course we will discuss concepts and practice skills that will enhance your leadership ability. These include your role as a leader, communication fundamentals, building relationships and leading your team, building thinking capability and managing performance challenges.
Leadership Training in Action 
The constantly shifting context of today’s business world demands a new approach to leadership. This new style of leading requires a creative and improvisational approach to both relationships and work. In this leadership training course participants will experience a leadership approach based on the structures of improvisational theatre. This approach concentrates on building relationships, relying on teamwork, and practicing problem solving through a highly structured creative process. Acceptance, cooperation, supportive behaviour, interactive listening, and the ability to move action forward are the rules of the game. It is a new and collaborative approach to the complexity of leadership training.
Hiring Top Talent 
A key component of developing a robust leadership pipeline is starting with the right team players. In this leadership training course your management team will learn how to apply proven strategies to attract, hire, and retain top quality associates to build the foundation of your organization’s leadership capacity.
CultureBrand™ Leadership Training 
An organization is more than the sum of its parts. It is more than approved process, incentive and reward systems, and even rules and regulations. An organization is its culture and culture is how an organization interprets, uses, and relates to these building blocks.  Culture is values, beliefs, expectations, rituals, commitment, and attitudes of all who live and work in the organization. Culture is the passion, excitement and engagement that fire the innovation, change and high quality results. In this culture leadership training course you will learn how to identify the encompassing culture of your organization or team, maximize your assets and overcome your barriers. You will also recognize how the culture of your organization affects your ability to lead, respond to change, and attract and develop strategic leaders.
Your Evolution as a Financial Leader 
It is not just the application of new accounting standards that has impacted senior financial roles in organizations, it is integrating the role of finance into the lifeblood of the organization for survival. And that lifeblood should provide an effective response to the erosion in stakeholder confidence in financial management. The answer to this threat is an evolution towards a more effective financial system and process that not only ensures survival but also provides the foundation for new growth and capability. This financial leadership training course will give you the skills to speed up the evolution in your organization.
Integrity and Ethical Decision Making 
Integrity is when actions, values, methods, measures and principles are all aligned. Integrity is being honest with regard to the motivation for one’s actions. Integrity is at the very heart of effective leadership. In this leadership training course you will explore how to make decisions and take actions that demonstrate integrity and ethics in leadership. You will connect your values, your decisions, and your actions, to build trust with stakeholders, peers and employees.
Developing High Performance Teams 
Many factors can affect the performance of a team. Changes in team members, new leaders, reorganization, and new work requirements — all can create pressure and result in low team productivity, confusion and conflict. In this course you will develop the knowledge and skills required for both leaders and team members to build and maintain high performance teams. These are teams where results are supported by collaborative team decision-making and communication as well as individual accountability and alignment. This will enable you to more fully capitalize on team diversity and talents and drive for results.
Performance Coaching Fundamentals 
In an environment of constantly changing work, the ability to develop employees’ technical job skills is a critical leadership requirement. In Performance Coaching Fundamentals you will learn how to set clear expectations as work changes, assess learning needs of employees, and address skills gaps through effective performance coaching sessions and feedback.
Coaching Careers 
Attraction and retention are key issues in all organizations in today’s overheated job market. Demonstrating a commitment to providing growth and challenge, especially to young workers, is critical to retention. Helping individuals develop their careers not only builds their commitment to the organization, but it also builds the capability of the organization. In this leadership training course you will develop your ability to facilitate the long term development and career of someone you supervise or an individual who you have been assigned to coach.