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e-Capability: Get Certified with Our New Online Courses

By: Meredith Lesueur // October 27, 2016

Online Training Certifications Have Arrived!
E-Capability Online Training Certification

Big news today! We have partnered with Gemini SWIFT Learning to launch E-Capability, our new eLibrary. Over many years, we have developed an extensive library of training programs in leadership development, change and innovation, customer service, employee training, and culture development. Now we are capitalizing on that content using the SWIFT Platform to create a series of online certification programs, which will begin to become available in 2017.

The first program we are launching is the Customer Service Certification, and will be comprised of the following seven courses:

Customer Service Certification

Module 1: Winning with Service
  • Service is key to business success and it also has huge personal reward. Learn why and how delivering exceptional service pays off big time for both you and your organization.
Module 2: Getting Close to Your Customer
  • The secret to service success is understanding your customer and their expectations. The secret to your success is delivering the experience that will wow them every time. Learn to think like your customer and deliver on the experience they expect.
Module 3: Delivering on the Promise
  • You are the value add that your company counts on the keep customers happy. Delivering exceptional service requires special skills and attitudes. Learn and hone them in this module.
Module 4: Customer Focused Solutions
  • Customer requests don’t always fall into neat and tidy delivery options. Sometimes mistakes happen and it’s up to you to solve the client’s problem. Learn how to respond constructively to customer difficulties and demands.
Module 5: Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • There are some service situations that fall outside of what is reasonable. You need to know how to handle these nevertheless. Learn how to turn around the most challenging customer behaviour and de-escalate particularly difficult conflict situations.
Module 6: Service Teamwork
  • Delivering consistent high quality services takes a team. Who has your back and how do you support other service team members are the important questions answered in this module.
Module 7: Taking Care of You
  • Customer service positions require energy and focus. They are often stressful and demanding. It is easy to empty your pitcher of giving. Learn how to deal with service stress and maintain your personal resilience during and after work.

Courses will be available early 2017.

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