Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training,

Whether you are in the public or private sector, have clients or customers, provide a product or a service, your organizations objectives are only achieved by your ability to deliver excellent customer service. We deliver comprehensive strategy development and customer service training around vision, team management, and service delivery skills.


In order to help you assess the specific customer service training needs of your organization, Capability Connections uses the following assessment tools:

  • CultureBrand™ Cultural Assessment to assess strengths and weaknesses from a customer perspective.
  • CultureBrand™ Identity to analyze internal and external brand consistency
  • Customer Data Augment – Analysis using focus groups, employee and customer surveys.
  • Mind the Gap Assessment

Coaching & Consulting

To help manage your customer service development programs, we offer a variety of coaching and consulting packages:

  • Coaching service management teams on service excellence including developing service vision, developing service standards, identifying training needs, recognition programs.
  • Developing Service Excellence Recruitment and Orientation programs. .
  • Process and procedure coaching

Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training Courses

Employee training is critical, especially when it affects your ability to reach your customers. Our most popular customer service training courses are:

Leading Service Excellence  
As a leader and manager, its up to you to help your staff deliver excellent customer service. In this customer service training course you will learn how to develop and measure your service culture and motivate your team to deliver excellent customer service. You will be able to identify needs, discuss concerns in understandable terms, and provide solutions to address these needs and concerns. Customers are often challenging and this customer service training will provide you with the skills that will help you build positive relationships with even the most challenging customers.
Dealing with Difficult Customers 
Delivering excellent customer service is easy when customers are polite and easily satisfied, it is a lot more difficult when customers or clients are challenging, and difficult to understand or please. In this customer service training you will learn how to deal with difficult customers by understanding their unique perspective, listening actively to their concerns, and by controlling emotions to de-escalate situations.
Internal Consulting Skills 
Achieving success as a business partner in your organization requires strong consulting skills and relationship building. In this consulting leadership skills training you will learn effective internal consulting skills to establish strategic partnerships with your clients. You will be able to guide clients through challenging technical and/or changing projects, help them overcome obstacles and resistance, and build your credibility to influence decision-making.
Your Service Vision and Standards 
Although it is not possible to please everyone, excellent customer service is not a mystery. It takes direct leadership, a strong vision, and taking action on fundamental best practices. The good news is that as a team leader, you can make a difference. In this customer service training you will learn how to help your team build an engaging service vision, develop close and productive customer relationships, and build practices that inspire service excellence. This session can be facilitated with your team and result in a team service vision, strategy, standards and practices to accomplish your service goals.
Influencing Challenging Customers and Clients 
The key to mutually profitable client relationships is the ability to adjust interaction and delivery style to match the customer expectations. In this client and customer service training you will learn how to adjust your interaction style and presentation content to increase your influence and ability to sell your ideas, products or services. By the end you will be able to build relationships of trust over time with even your most challenging clients and customers.