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Creative Networks

By: Gillian Rasmussen // January 18, 2018

How does the brain produce creative thought?   Recently, my 13 year old niece had an interesting English assignment. She had to write a story about a well-known villain that would cause the audience to see the villain in a new light. She was having trouble coming up with ideas so she sent a group […]

Using Nostalgia to Deal with Change Management

By: Meredith Lesueur // March 3, 2017

Image courtesy of #WOCinTech Chat What role do our memories and nostalgia play in organizational change management?   Today is the day that Nintendo releases their new gaming console the Switch. It is also the release of the newest installment in their incredibly popular Zelda series. Fans haven’t seen a new Zelda game for a […]

Image courtesy of #WOCinTech Chat Leave the drama at home–operating as a team is about defining the rules of the game so that you know what to expect from each other.   The secret to entertaining improvisational theatre is highly developed collaborative teamwork. There is no planning, just quick responses to “offers” made by fellow […]

What Comes Next? The First Rule of Collaboration is to Agree

By: Esther Hudson // October 31, 2016

This month we are doing a series on Collaboration, the calibrated process of building as a team. It occurs when multiple minds work together to generate ideas, and then take action to realize a shared goal. We’ll be publishing a few posts from several members of our team who have chosen an aspect of Collaboration […]

e-Capability: Get Certified with Our New Online Courses

By: Meredith Lesueur // October 27, 2016

Online Training Certifications Have Arrived! Big news today! We have partnered with Gemini SWIFT Learning to launch E-Capability, our new eLibrary. Over many years, we have developed an extensive library of training programs in leadership development, change and innovation, customer service, employee training, and culture development. Now we are capitalizing on that content using the […]