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Corporate Training

Corporate Training Meets Humanity, with an organizations root, are their people – sometimes a large group of very different people, with different assumptions and competing cultures, working together to achieve success for your organization. Effective training and leadership skills development employs industry proven techniques within a context your company recognizes and responds to. You may know exactly what Corporate training services and development you need, and you might find there is more to the solution than you expected. Capability Connections reaches beyond corporate training to provide solutions to help you realize your organization’s greatest capability.

Leadership  has been described as “a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. -Wikipedia

Change &

Meet today’s challenges with tomorrow’s capabilities in a way only your company’s culture can.


Cultivate success by realizing a strong leadership culture that will meet the demands of your growing organization.

Employee Training &
Culture Development

Empower employees with on-the-job skills and motivation needed to achieve meaningful business success in your industry.


Unite your customer experience with your business goals through customer service strategies and training.

Group of Business People Meeting Teamwork

Corporate Training – Leadership

Corporate Training Leadership courses, by Capability Connections trains Calgary’s companies on leadership development and resource pipeline.

Corporate Training – Change Management

Corporate Training Change Management, with Capability Connections assists Calgary’s leaders respond to fast-paced market needs and trends.

Corporate Training – Workplace Culture

Corporate Training Workplace Culture, development taught by Capability Connections and partner CultureBrand transform performance by providing Calgary companies with workplace culture assessment and training that responds to specific needs and process.

Corporate Training – Customer Service

Corporate Training Customer Service, Capability Connections provides service training for frontline and management employees and helps Calgary organizations respond to the needs of any client, consumer, or audience.